Adaptive Sports Iowa’s Grizzlies Roll into Coralville: Youth Wheelchair Basketball Team Hosts Regional Tournament

Coralville, Iowa – The GreenState Family Fieldhouse in Coralville, Iowa is set to transform into a battleground for wheelchair basketball teams as the highly anticipated National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) Northern Conference Tournament presented by GreenState Credit Union takes place February 17-18, 2024. Sixteen teams from across the Midwest will converge to showcase their skills and determination in this exciting event.

Wheelchair basketball, a dynamic and inspiring adaptation of the traditional sport, holds its own unique characteristics that set it apart. Played by athletes with lower limb disabilities, this inclusive and highly competitive game emphasizes teamwork, precision, and agility in a specialized setting.

The tournament holds significant weight, as the results will play a crucial role in determining which teams qualify for and receive coveted invitations to the national tournament. With fierce competition on the horizon, each game promises to be a display of skill, strategy and sheer determination.

Adding a local touch to the competition, the Adaptive Sports Iowa (ASI) Grizzlies proudly represent Iowa as the sole NWBA team from the state. Their participation adds an extra layer of excitement as they compete on their home turf, aiming to make the state proud.

Coach David Kirst of the ASI Grizzlies expressed his gratitude for getting to play so close to home, stating, “In wheelchair basketball, not every team has the ability to host a home tournament. Hosting the NWBA’s Northern Conference Juniors Regional Tournament is a great honor. Being able to play in front of friends and family that might not be able to travel to every tournament is always a great opportunity for the players to show off their skills and compete against the toughest competition in the region. The team has worked hard all season to be at their best performance for this tournament.”

Coach Kirst extended an invitation to the local community, urging them to come support the team while potentially witnessing this unique sport for the first time. “The players are excited to play in front of their home crowd and share their skills and talents with everyone!”

To encourage spectators, there will be no admission costs to attend the tournament. For those who would like to provide additional support to the Grizzlies, there will be raffle and silent auction items available that will act as a fundraiser, as well as tournament t-shirts for sale. For schedules and more information, please visit The conference tournament is sure to be a showcase of athleticism, sportsmanship and camaraderie, making it a must-attend event for families, sports enthusiasts and the community alike. Don’t miss the chance to experience wheelchair basketball in Coralville, Iowa.