3 pictures of participants playing beep baseball. (From left to right.) A sighted pitcher tosses the ball underhand. A blindfolded batter gets ready to swing at the pitch. A blindfolded fielder throws his hands in the air after fielding the ball.



This variation on “America’s Pastime” is designed to be played by those that are visually impaired or blind, and shares most rules with the traditional game with a few subtle differences. All players wear blindfolds no matter the level of blindness except the pitcher and catcher. The pitcher, catcher and batter are all on the same team, with the fielders being the opposing team. Games are typically 6 innings. Here are some other aspects and rules of beep baseball:

  • No second base, only first and third.
  • Bases are padded cylinders with speakers placed 100 feet down the foul line ten feet off the line.
  • One of the speakers sounds when a hitter connects with a fair ball, and the hitter must then make it to the correct base. They are “out” if a defending player grabs the ball and holds it up before the hitter reaches a base.
  • No base running; a batter is either put out, strikes out or scores a run
  • Batters are given four strikes and one ball. To strike out, the last swing has to be a complete miss of the ball.


Beep baseball is designed for those who are blind and vision impaired. The game also requires sighted volunteers to serve some roles to insure safety of all participants.


Practices are held at the Harding Middle School soccer field (east of the school). Games and tournaments involve travel.

West Ridge Elementary School

5500 EP True Parkway

West Des Moines, IA


The team practices throughout the spring and summer on Sundays.

2024 Schedule:

May 19: 2-4 pm

June 9: 2-4 pm

June 23: 2-4 pm

July 14: 2-4 pm

In the case of bad weather, changes will be posted in the Iowa Reapers Facebook group.


Adaptive Sports Iowa provides the balls, bats, eye shades, and uniform for all volunteers and players. The players and volunteers are responsible for their footwear and any lodging and travel costs for competitions.


  • Enhanced perception of sound and sensory reflexes
  • More effective communication skills
  • Social connections in person and Facebook group
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Reduced stress and anxiety through increased endorphins
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved alertness, concentration, and overall cognitive function
  • Increased sense of independence


The Iowa Reapers are a competitive beep baseball team organized and operated by Adaptive Sports Iowa.

Beep baseball is an extremely fun game, and Adaptive Sports Iowa is proud to sponsor the Iowa Reapers, Iowa’s beep baseball team. Players of all skill levels are accepted! If you are interested in joining the team as a player or volunteer please contact at 888-777-8881 or info@adaptivesportsiowa.org

Interested in participating?

Email info@adaptivesportsiowa.org to get connected.

Girl playing Beep Ball
Man running in Beep Ball


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