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Youth wheelchair basketball is basketball adapted for those with physical disabilities. Below is the information for the Grizzlies Youth Wheelchair Basketball team. Click here for information on the Grizzlies Invitational Presented by GreenState Credit Union, a youth wheelchair basketball tournament hosted by Adaptive Sports Iowa.


A person must have a permanent lower extremity disability that precludes them from playing competitive stand-up basketball. Wheelchair basketball is intended for a wide range of disabilities including, but not limited to, spinal cord injury, spina bifida, lower-extremity amputation, cerebral palsy, and permanent joint disorders. It is NOT required that the participant uses a wheelchair for everyday mobility. There are many ambulatory (walking) participants that participate in wheelchair basketball. Practices are open to all skill levels and kids from age 7 to seniors in high school.


September – April

Noon – 3pm

Iowa City West High School Gym

South Court 1

2901 Melrose Ave

Iowa City, IA 52246

Weekly Practice Schedule:

Some of these dates are subject to change due to tournament weekends. All practices will be held from noon-3pm.

Tiffin Elementary Gym

  • September: 9, 16, 23, 30
  • October: 7, 14, 21, 28
  • November: 4, 11, 18
  • December: 2

Iowa City West High School Gym

  • January: 6, 20
  • February: 3, 10, 24
  • March: 16, 23, 30
  • April:  6, 13

There is no participation fee for participants to practice. Fees do apply to varsity players participating in tournaments.

Adaptive Sports Iowa provides sport-wheelchairs to all participants. Participants can also bring their own.

Tournament Dates:

  • MadCity
    • Dec 16-17
    • Onalaska, WI
  • UW White Water
    • Jan 13-14
    • Wisconsin
  • Red Dawgs
    • January 27
    • Omaha, NE
  • Northern Conference Tournament
    • Feb 17-18
    • GreenState Family Fieldhouse
    • Coralville, IA


Join the Grizzlies Wheelchair Basketball Facebook page for details or contact the director of Adaptive Sports Iowa, Hannah Bowman, at hannah.bowman@adaptivesportsiowa.org.


Wheelchair basketball is a sport that has grown immensely in the United States and around the world. Many countries have leagues and national Paralympic teams.

Wheelchair basketball adapts the majority of its rules from the official NCAA basketball rule book. Modifications are made for dribbling. For example, “traveling” in wheelchair basketball occurs when the athlete touches their wheels more than twice after receiving or dribbling the ball. The majority of the aspects of the game of basketball are retained such as a 10-foot basketball hoop and standard basketball court size.

Wheelchair design
Basketball wheelchairs, also known as sports chairs, are specifically designed wheelchairs for activity. Basketball chairs have wheels that are angled outward so that the center of gravity has to move a greater distance before it tips the chair making it much safer for play. The chairs are also designed with tip bars making it difficult to tip backward, an adjustable lap belt to better secure the user to the chair, and a footplate with a guard to increase physical safety.


  • Social connections with peers on your team from across the state
  • Opportunity to meet youth and adult players across the country by attending regional and national tournaments
  • Building healthy character skills through competition
  • Increased upper body strength
  • Improved core control and stability
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance and overall health
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Reduced stress and anxiety through increased endorphins
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved alertness, concentration, and overall cognitive function
  • Increased sense of independence

Interested in participating?

Email info@adaptivesportsiowa.org to get connected.

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