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Are you or a loved one looking to get active? Look no further than Adaptive Sports Iowa! Our programs cater to the unique skill sets of athletes with physical disabilities all across our state. You can try out wheelchair basketball, beep baseball, be a part of our RAGBRAI team or hit the slopes in our Winter Experience!

Our goal is to bring fun, excitement, exercise and achieve a higher quality of life to the amazing athletes with physical disabilities in Iowa. And the best part is that we take everyone, from beginners to seasoned pros! Take a few minutes to browse through our website to see all of the opportunities available, and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Adaptive Sports Iowa Blog

  • Monday: Harlin to Perry

    On the road again… and thrilled to be here. After the amazing performance of our team yesterday we were anxious and ready for day #2. Today’s route takes us from Harlin to Perry at a distance of 84 miles. In addition, today is the optional Karris loop that allows those brave (masochistic)  riders to ride 100 miles. […]

  • Sunday: Council Bluffs to Harlan

    Much to our anticipation and thrill, RAGBRAI is here again! Now in our 3rd year of organizing a team this has become a signature program for our organization. Today (Sunday, July 21) marks the first day of RAGBRAI XLI and it was a fantastic day to be riding!  In terms of ideal riding weather this […]

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